What Am I Working On?

Last Updated: 15 January 2021

UPDATE: Home Page was updated! What is Messianic Israel?

UPDATE: Ancestry Meets Theology TM has a new logo!

There are numerous articles, PPTs, mini-books, and charts in the works. I have dozens of pieces that are in various stages of preparation for publication and posting. I’m hesitant when putting things on my website, because I want them to be Scripturally sound. I don’t want to have to take them back because I was wrong about something. If we do things right the first time, that shouldn’t happen. I don’t like “doctrine” and I try to avoid it. Scripture can stand alone! The Lord has a way of showing us nuances that may need to be corrected or are simply “leaven” that needs to be removed. Quality research takes time, prayer, and reflection. I am my own editor, so please forgive grammatical errors and please feel free to point anything out to me. Writers often read over their own errors. Thank you for your patience!

***If there is anything “new” on the site, I will post it here as well, so you won’t have to search every page looking for updates.

1. Here’s a little “food for thought” and some current projects that are on the top of my list…or not! I was intently writing and researching about America (as I have been doing for years) and how she fits in the End-time scenario; but from 20 June to 11 August 2020, the Lord gave me what I call “A Crash Course in Reality.” It was and is very disturbing! America is in trouble, and that’s all I can stomach for now. Maybe more on that later if He says it’s o.k. to press on!

2. Genealogical Research and Theological Studies are beginning to converge. Genealogy is basically history; and history and theology have always been bedfellows. Thus, Ancestry Meets Theology (TM).

I was cast upon You from birth. From My mother’s womb, You have been My God. Psalm 22:10

3. Still working on Enoch 1! This is some great stuff to understand parts of the Book of Genesis with more detail. If Enoch 1 was good enough for the Apostles, for Jude, for Irenaeus, then it’s good enough for KSI. Incredibly interesting and eye-opening!

4. Still working on Creation Science issues! Very controversial but pertinent! Particularly, geocentrism vs. heliocentrism. Are we going to believe Scripture; or are we going to believe man-made theories (illegitimate science) pawned off as fact. Theory is good and necessary, but “theory” is not fact! Scripture is “science” and true science supports Scripture. Well! …enough said for now!

More to come…

I launched APB, as a theological site, here at www.justvanita.org. It is the sister-site of her personal website www.justvanita.com. KSI’s main website is still located at http://www.ksicolorado.com.

  • On ABP, I posts all of my theological and encouragement writings.
  • In addition, ABP will also contain any of my books, charts, and links to Amazon.com for applicable purchases.

Thank you for visiting Abbe Benjamin Press, and please come back for future updates and content.

Remember that the Lord is ALWAYS in control! Peace and blessings, Shema Yisrael!!!

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