What Am I Working On?

Last Updated: 30 October 2019

As of October 2019, there are several articles and charts, that have been in the works. Quality research takes time, prayer, and reflection; but I will give you a little “food for thought” below.

  • Genealogical Research and Theological Studies are beginning to converge for Dr. Warren. Genealogy is basically history; and history and theology have always been bedfellows. Thus, Ancestry Meets Theology.
  • Working on Enoch 1! This is some great stuff to understand parts of the Book of Genesis with more detail. If Enoch 1 was good enough for the Apostles, for Jude, for Irenaeus, then it’s good enough for KSI. Incredibly interesting and eye-opening!
  • Also working on some Creation Science issues! Very controversial but pertinent! Particularly, geocentrism vs. heliocentrism. Are we going to believe Scripture; or are we going to believe man-made theories (illegitimate science) pawned off as fact. Theory is good and necessary, but “theory” is not fact! Scripture is “science” and true science supports Scripture. Well! …enough said for now!

More to come…

April 2019 – Dr. Warren launched APB, a Theological site at http://www.justvanita.org. It is the sister-site of her personal website http://www.justvanita.com. KSI’s main business website is still located at http://www.ksicolorado.com.

  • Here on ABP, Dr. Warren will post all of her theological and encouragement writings.
  • In addition, ABP will also contain Dr. Warren’s books, charts, and links to Amazon.com for applicable purchases.

Thank you for visiting Abbe Benjamin Press, and please come back for future updates and content.