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THE House of Jacob PROBLEM
2006 (C) Vanita Lynn Warren
The Kingdom of Israel Is Still Divided
2006 (c) Vanita Lynn Warren
Understanding the Difference: Hebrew/Israel/Jew
2017 (C) Vanita Lynn Warren
KSI – Divided Kingdom Timeline
2016 (C) Vanita Lynn Warren
The History of the House of Jacob [All Israel]
2009 (C) Vanita Lynn Warren
“Knowledge Will Increase” Timeline
2015 (c) Vanita Lynn Warren

About this Chart:  The “Knowledge Will Increase” Timeline is a simple 2-page chart which goes backward through time from the present day. It is important to view some of the events of Scripture and of God’s people—particularly the House of Judah (Jews) and the House of Israel (Christians)—in light of the world events contemporary to a certain period. The purpose in creating this timeline was to compare, at a glance, what was going on in the world as it pertained to or affected the people of God (Jews and Christians) throughout the world. 

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These are merely examples of previous charts. Dr. Warren started to consolidate her work into one volume, with a detailed explanation of each chart. However, with new historical and genealogical information being exposed, many charts are being updated. Stay tuned…

Over the years, Dr. Warren has developed many charts to help put her understanding of Scripture and theological studies into perspective.

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