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IDENTITY by Vanita Lynn Warren

​​Identity: Why Jews & Christians Are an Inseparable People

[2021 Note: There has been a change in some very important historical and genealogical views concerning “Identity” which will be brought out in the future. The Biblical theological issues are sound; however, more controversial questions concerning “identity” have arisen. These issues will be addressed in various places on this site.]

Is there more to who I am in the Lord, than merely having faith in Him? In view of the rebuilding of the Fallen Tabernacle of David, Identity exposes the truth behind the broken relationship between Jews and Christians, and reveals the Lords original intent to restore both to their rightful place in the Commonwealth of Israel. Identity is full of fascinating information and through its words you will:

  • Come to understand the Divine purpose of your faith
  • Learn that it is only one faith and not distinct beliefs
  • Grasp, with certainty, who you are in Christ
  • Learn the correct meanings of the terms Jew, Israel, and Gentile
  • Discover that both Jews and Christians comprise the House of Jacob
  • Comprehend why the schism began and who is behind it
  • Become aware of who the Lord is searching out and returning to the Fold

Identity will give you the knowledge needed to begin to appreciate the history behind your faith and what it means to be Jew or Christian in the 21st Century. There is more to your Judeo-Christian faith! God has called you to return home.

A Messianic Theology (AMT) Series by Vanita Lynn Warren

A Messianic Theology (AMT) Series

Available in Kindle format, “A Messianic Theology” Series is a bite-sized piece of Identity, plus a little more. 

***The “Introduction to a Messianic Theology” is a concise overview that provides an understanding of the basic premise of the entire series.

***10 Things You Need to Know About Anti-Semitism explores the issues behind theological opposition to Jews, Judaism, and to the Word of God as it relates to the Old Testament. Consequently, most Christians have no idea that many, if not most, of the doctrinal and theological foundations of our Christian faith find their roots in what may called Theological Anti-Semitism.

***10 Things You Need to Know about Illegitimate Children is probably the most important book in the A Messianic Theology Series. It explores the little-known and critical subject of Mamzerim. Although is a very derogatory term in Jewish culture, the reality of Jesus being branded as a mamzer is an important theological issue that is not taught in Christian pulpits, or seminaries. You will find this book very interesting and spiritually eye-opening.

***10 Things You Need to Know About “Playing Church” is about the Christian churches. There are many ways in which people can “Play Church”; however, this volume addresses the issue of “Playing Church” with the Scriptures. Here, the Doctrine of the Trinity and the Rapture are examined in order to shed light on their necessity and authenticity.

***10 Things You Need to Know About Christian Doctrine shows how misleading “doctrine” can be. It explains about the early roots of Christian doctrine, misrepresentations, dispensationalism, and hidden anti-semitic underpinnings of our most basic doctrines.

***10 Things You Need to Know about Sheep Who Hear provides a clear understanding of the Olive Tree of God, and who exactly Paul is talking about in Romans Chapter 11. The Apostles and Paul did not preach different Gospels, i.e. a Gospel for the Jews and a Gospel for the Nations. You will come to understand why Yeshua called the Jews, to whom He was speaking to at the time, “This Fold,” and see why He intentionally noted that He had “Other Sheep” that He must also bring, who would also hear His voice.


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