Can Ancestry Meet Theology? Are Science & Creationism “ancestral”? Absolutely!
In the 21st Century, all manner of explanations for human origins are being proposed. Are we created according to the Biblical account, or was this planet seeded by ancient aliens?
Is Evolution still valid? Traditional views on Darwin’s theories on Evolution are rapidly changing. The model does fit the scientific evidence. How did we get here? According to “science”, who are my biological ancestors? DNA research is rapidly growing, and many questions are being asked–and many are being answered. These questions and answers also support the Biblical narrative. Thus, Ancestry Meets Theology!


The Satanic “Default Rebuttal”

“Oh! You are basing your understanding of the cosmos on the Bible and not upon science.”

Self-Creation vs. I AM!

Modern Astronomy, with its astronomical proportions of time and distance is anti-God and Antichrist in character. Click here for a chart comparing some modern aspects of astronomy to the Biblically-based perspective. 

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